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Misconceptions About The Effects Of Cannabis On Drivers

With the legalization of recreational cannabis set for October 2018, many people still have questions about what dangers this may pose to road safety.

There are many misconceptions about the effects of cannabis on drivers. The Canadian Automobile Association has released an article hoping to clear up any misinformation and set the record straight on how cannabis can impact those behind the wheel.

Brain Injury Canada Partnership To Provide Improved Services

It may become easier in the future for first responders to identify brain injury victims, and administer personalized care and attention immediately following an accident.

In many cases, brain injury symptoms – such as difficultly understanding questions and delayed reaction times – are hard to identify. Sometimes, the symptoms are interpreted as stubbornness or defiance towards medical officials, enforcement officers, and family and friends.

Signs Of Concussions In Young Children

As children run, play and enjoy the sunny weather, they most likely will not remember to play safely. Scrapes, minor bruises and tumbles may happen from time to time. However, the risk of a serious head injury, such as a concussion, can also result from misjudgment.

Young children may not be able to describe exactly how they are feeling after a concussion. This is why it’s important for parents and caregivers to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of this injury. The long-term effects of an untreated concussion could affect children’s mental and physical functionalities as they age.

Playing Sports After A Head Injury

For anyone who has suffered a serious head injury or concussion, returning to the world of sports can be a challenging road. Parachute Canada, a national charity organization aimed at preventing injuries, has published a 6-step general outline about how some patients may work towards returning to playing active sports.

It’s Brain Injury Awareness Month In Ontario

It’s time to bring visibility to an invisible disability. June is Brain Injury Awareness month, and the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) is poised to bring some representation to individuals with this injury.

One initiative launched this year is participation in the Unmasking Brain Injury Project.

What Is Covered In An Auto Insurance Policy?

Automobile insurance companies generally offer similar types of insurance packages to consumers. However, slight differences in pricing and length of coverage may exist. But understanding the coverage details of what your auto insurance package provides is essential after you have been injured in an accident.


Brain Injury Victims At Risk For Substance Abuse

For some brain injury patients, the prescribed medical treatments are not enough to cope with their recovery. Some patients turn to alcohol and drugs instead to help relieve their stress and frustration. In certain instances, the misuse of these substances has led patients to a substance abuse problem in addition to their physical and mental injuries.

In a publication by the Ontario Brain Injury Association, the OBIA has recognized the issue of substance abuse in brain injury victims. It has provided some resources on their website for how families and patients may cope with this addiction.

Playground Safety Tips For Parents

With hot, sunny days ahead, children will likely be running straight for the slides, swing sets and jungle gyms of outdoor playgrounds. As fun as these activities sound, parents should also remember that poorly maintained equipment or improper use can lead to severe playground injuries.

Caring For Kids, a publication produced by the Canadian Pediatric Association, published an online resource on injury prevention tips for parents supervising kids in outdoor play areas.

The Threshold Injury Test

When bringing a personal injury claim to court, accident victims are required to undergo a “threshold” test regarding the extent of their injuries and losses.

As outlined on the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association website, the threshold test is designed to look at the permanence and long-lasting effects of the alleged injuries to justify the compensation amounts being claimed.

The Challenges Of Spinal Cord Injuries

In many spinal cord injuries, it's the compression of the spine that causes pinches and bruises throughout the spinal column.

According to an article on, current research suggests that the best results for spinal cord recovery often happen through a decompression of the spine within 24 hours. However, the ability for a doctor, or the patient, to undergo complex surgery within that timeframe is not always possible.

The effects of surgery within this timeframe was recently evidenced through one of the survivors of the Humboldt bus crash in Saskatchewan in April 2018.

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