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How brain trauma and personal injury can affect relationships

People who have suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBI), even those classified as "mild," know that this issue can have major long-term repercussions. While limitations in school and work are often cited in personal injury lawsuits, Ontario TBI sufferers can also experience challenges within long-term relationships and marriages. This can happen in relationships following the injury, but is particularly prevalent when the relationship was established before the injury and the couple needs to readjust.

People who have suffered even a mild TBI can experience several symptoms that interrupt their daily lives. This can include difficulty sleeping, concentrating, remembering information and even dealing with lights and sounds when going out. This can make it difficult for couples to maintain routines or spend time together in a meaningful way.

Avoid personal injury at the cottage with these campfire tips

As the people enjoy their final weekends at the cottage or one last camping trip, it is important to keep safety foremost. Mismanaged campfires can cause personal injury, property damage and even death. Ontario cottage owners in particular should ensure that these risks are mitigated when hosting a fire on their property.

The first safety tip for outdoor fires is to prepare appropriately. This means making sure everything is cleared for at least 10 to 15 feet around the fire location. People should always use a fire pit or a steel drum at a campsite to separate the fire from people around it. Clear anything that could potentially fuel the fire from the area and only feed fuel to the fire if weather conditions make it safe to do so.

Long-term disability may limit educational opportunity

Those who are disabled as a result of an accident can face many barriers throughout their lives. One of the challenges people can face when they have a long-term disability is the ability to seek an education. This especially affects those who are injured when they are still young. Ontario's Human Rights Commission recently broached this subject, saying it is updating its education policy for people with disabilities.

The update to the policy is the first in 14 years. The commission is also making recommendations on accessible education in hopes of helping people address the evolving approach and understanding of disability needs in educational settings. The move is the result of changes in both legal and social understandings of disability.

Road safety: What you need to know for the new school year

Can you remember a time before the last two months of sunshine, vacations, and other summer events? In case you have trouble remembering, the many back-to-school shopping commercials have reminded us that it’s back-to-school season again. For some, that means trying to reinstall habits such as getting the children up early, ready and out the door before the first bell rings.


Supervisors a factor in return to work with long-term disability

When someone is badly injured, will they be able to return to work? According to a recent report, the answer to this question is not only dependent on medical diagnoses. The research shows that supervisors play a significant role in whether a person who has suffered a short or long-term disability in the workplace will be able to return to work. These findings are valuable for Ontario business owners, supervisors and workers alike.

The study took a sample of 869 Australian workers who had received workers' compensation and took time off work as a result of an injury or illness. In the first of at least three surveys, respondents were asked to share the reaction of their supervisor and peers when they took the time off due to their injuries. Interestingly, those who said their supervisor was supportive were 2.3 times more likely to have returned to work successfully.

Proposed Bill Defines "Disabled" And "Barriers" For All Canadians

Have you ever, or know someone who, needed assistance with a wheelchair after an injury? Or needed special transportation due to a disability? Some assisted living services may address current challenges faced by disabled individuals, but this may not be the case everywhere you go. A proposed federal bill, known as the Accessible Canada Act, aims to make the lives of disabled individuals easier across the country.

The proposed Accessible Canada Act aims to improve accessibility to disabled Canadians at the federal level. Included in the proposal are general guidelines to "break down barriers" regarding the struggles disabled individuals face. The bill includes a unified definition for who would quality as "disabled" and what would qualify as a "barrier" across the country. The definitions are broad in nature, meaning they include a wide range of disabled or injured individuals across Canada.

Relationship between personal injury and suicide examined

Both traumatic brain injury (TBI) and suicide are serious problems affecting youth in Canada, but a causal relationship between the two has not been heavily scrutinized by researchers. This may be changing, as recent research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association is suggesting that a disproportionate number of traumatic brain injury victims commit suicide relative to others without this personal injury history. This information may have an impact on how Ontario TBI victims understand the long-term impacts of their injuries.

The researchers reviewed data from Denmark, where over 34,500 deaths between 1980 and 2014 were attributed to suicide. They found that of those who committed suicide in the country, 10 percent also had traumatic brain injury noted in their medical records. This meant that people with TBI were 81 percent more likely to commit suicide than their noninjured counterparts.

Insurance can protect the wealthy from personal injury payouts

Buying nice things like a recreational vehicle or a cottage may seem like it's all fun and games. However, Ontario individuals purchasing such property should consider the liability involved in each item. Vehicles and property can come with inherent risks, and those who suffer personal injury in relation to using one of these recreational items may have grounds to file a lawsuit that could change the life of even a wealthy individual.

High net worth individuals are at particular risk for sizable personal injury lawsuits. If someone is involved in a car accident, for example, a quick internet search will reveal if the other party has a high profile or appears to have wealth. If so, the accident victim may go after more in a personal injury lawsuit.

New study shows slip and fall accidents are common in Canada

How common are serious injuries from falls in Canada? A recent study from the Canadian Institute for Health Information investigated this question. Their results showed a high number of emergency room visits and hospital stays as a result of falling across the country. This data may be of interest to slip-and-fall victims in Ontario.

According the research, almost 1,800 Canadians per day  went to hospital emergency rooms due to a fall in 2016-2017. An average of 417 of these patients stayed overnight due to the fall. Most falls were caused by slipping, tripping or stumbling at home. Those who stayed in the hospital due to a fall were there for an average of 14.3 days, almost double the average of 7.5 days for all hospital visits.

Study seeks to prevent childhood personal injury on farms

The risks of farm equipment to children is well documented, but why do parents continue to let their kids do such dangerous chores in rural area? A new study conducted in partnership with Queens University may shed some light on why farm children in Ontario and throughout Canada continue to be at high risk for personal injury. Researchers conducted in-depth interviews with Canadian farm parents to understand how they make decisions about what work their children can and should do and at what age.

The researchers found that most parents are acutely aware of the risks and hazards associated with farming equipment and tasks. Their biggest concerns relate to children being exposed to these hazards without proper supervision. Large moving equipment, machinery, livestock, grain and chemicals were also recognized as concerns by the parents interviewed.

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